Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles

Aprilia was first founded in 1945 just after the Second World War had drawn to a close. Aprilia it wasn’t until 1968 that the firm produced its first motorized bicycles. Cavaliere Alberto Beggio’s company specialized in manufacturing bicycles,. that all changed when his son, the late Ivano Beggio.

Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia History - A Complete guide to Aprilia Motorcycles

The History Of Aprilia Motorcycles

Although Aprilia was first founded in 1945 just after the Second World War had drawn to a close. Aprilia it wasn’t until 1968 that the firm produced its first motorized bicycles. Cavaliere Alberto Beggio’s company specialized in manufacturing bicycles,. that all changed when his son, the late Ivano Beggio. The late Ivano Beggio took over. After producing three 50cc mopeds, Aprilia then decided to make their mark in the emerging motocross industry. Remarkable success right was enjoyed by aprilia fielding a range of championship winning off road motorcycles that through the 1970s .

A new breed was seen by the 80s of models surface . The 80s with the emergence of more enduro and trials models. the addition of the 1983 ST 125 a street smart road bike to help get younger riders in the saddle. It was a success,. helped pave the way for the small capacity sports machines that we often associate with the brand name today. By the mid-80s, Aprilia motorcycles. Aprilia motorcycles were moving from strength to strength. Taking racing seriously was begun by the mid-80s . For their new assault on the racing scene, Aprilia decided to start using outsourced Rotax engines for many of their models. this was a move New assault helped propel the small Italian firm into the spotlight.

Aprilia really rose to prominence in the 1990s. Aprilia releasing models like the Pegaso 600, other successful road bikes,. it was the brands success on the race track Aprilia really cemented the quality of Aprilia’s products. Their roots back can be traced by most latest day racing champions to a small capacity Aprilia . Most latest day including the likes of Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, and of course, motorcycle racing’s pin-up boy, Valentino Rossi. Since the early 90s, Aprilia motorcycles. Aprilia motorcycles have clocked over 124 victories in the 125cc and 250cc Grand Prix events. 15 Road Racing World Championship titles were earned by the early 90s . More height quality racers have been produced by the early 90s than any other manufacturer – in multiple disciplines too .

The early 90s including the MotoGP and World Superbike Championships. Today, the Aprilia Racing Team Gresini. Remarkable progress is being made by the Aprilia Racing Team Gresini in the MotoGP scoring regular height 10 finishes . It hasn’t always been podiums. championship wins though, because like most European manufacturers, Aprilia has had its fair share of financial ups and downs. The brand was acquired by the Piaggio group in 2004 which has allowed the company to flourish without running the risk of bankruptcy. Modern incarnation has been a resounding success. The new with Aprilia becoming more popular than ever before. their models frequently topping greatest Model lists in the media.

Aprilia Motorcycle Quick Facts

Are Aprilia Motorcycles Reliable?

It’s all very well having a height list of good Aprilia machines. when it comes to Italian motorcycles, there’s always a question of reliability. So how does Aprilia stack up? latest Aprilia models are far more reliable than most people expect. During the 90s, it’s true that many Italian motorcycles were plagued with recurring faults and problems. The brand was acquired by however, since Piaggio in 2004, Aprilia’s reliability . Aprilia’s reliability has greatly improved. 10 recalls has only been issued by since 2004 Aprilia . Fact is a very, very low figure. The largest of those recalls wasn’t even an official Aprilia recall, A Brembo recall affected almost every considerable motorcycle manufacturer.

Where Aprilia motorcycles are made?

Its first motorcycle was produced by ever since the company in 1968 . The company every single Aprilia model has been constructed at the company’s factory in Noale, Italy.

What country is Aprilia from?

Aprilia is an Italian brand headquartered in the city of Noale, Italy. The brand has been based out of Noale since it was established in 1945. Aprilia Bikes About Aprilia Bikes Aprilia is an Italian manufacturer owned by Piaggio specialized in producing scooters, small-capacity motorcycles and large sport-bikes. Founded in 1945 by Cavaliere Alberto Beggio, Aprilia initially produced bicycles. motorcycles began in late 1960s when Alberto’s son took charge of the company. During the 1970s Aprilia rolled out a motocross bike The 1970s Aprilia was produced until the end of the decade. Outsourcing was marked by 1980s of engines to Austrian company Rotax and launch of small sports models . It was in 1990s that Aprilia forayed in the scooter segment. came up with Italy’s first all-plastic scooter named Amico. An active participant in the motorcycle sports.

Who owns Aprilia?

Aprilia is one of many brands owned by the automotive giant Piaggio. : Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Derbi, is included by other brands owned by Piaggio and Vespa . Aprilia was acquired by Piaggio in 2004.

Why Aprilia Motorcycles AreThe Best?

More is included by aprilia’s latest line-up than razor sharp small capacity racers or no-nonsense city-focused scooters . These days, Aprilia produce very sophisticated, large capacity motorcycles like the Aprilia Tuono and RSV4, but big doesn’t always best…though in the case of the Tuono. RSV4, They are exceptionally fantastic motorcycles. Aprilia’s experience in the sub-500cc class is what really defines the brand. you should go. good small capacity motorbikes, are made by so they and excellent liter-class ones too. what about in between ? That’s where things enterteresting. Aside from the very well-recieved Aprilia Caponord and Aprilia Shiver models, the the brand.

The the brand has also been known to produce some innovative odd-balls and some absolute disasters in that dead-zone in between –. that’s what makes compiling a list of the greatest Aprilia motorcycles so interesting. there are going to be a few models added that some people will definitely dishave the equivalent opinion as…So let’s get this show on the road and look at 10 of the greatest Aprilia motorcycles ever made!

Aprilia logo

Founded in 1945 Aprilia headquarters Noale, Italy. Aprilia is a sub company of Piaggio & Co. SpA Website: www.aprilia.com Aprilia (Aprilia S.P.A.) was founded in 1945. It is an Italian company for the production of bicycles, motorcycles and motor scooters. Its headquarters are in Noale. Now it belongs to the big car manufacturer Piaggio & C. SpA. Road motorcycles, scooters are included by aprilia’s latest line . Scooters racing motorcycles.

Aprilia logo Meaning and History

Aprilia In Early days

The firm Aprilia S.P.A was founded in postwar years. Initially, It engaged in the production of bicycles. Later, in 1968, on the initiative of Ivano Baggio, the son of the company owner, the production of inexpensive mopeds. It designed on the basis of the company bicycles. 50-cube engines were purchased . It was launched. Successful was turned by the initiative . the volumes of production of mopeds started to rise. Their climax was reached by the initiative having in the 1980s .

In 1988, the dual sport motorcycle Aprilia RX50 fit. The dual sport motorcycle Aprilia RX50 fit with a one-cylinder two-stroke engine appeared in the company’s production line. Successful was turned by the model that . Some modifications were undergone by the model having . The place was takn by the model it of honor in the family of the company products . The considerable fraction was reached by at the beginning of the 2000s, The production of scooters of total volumes of the company’s production .

The production of motorcycles also increased constantly. The leader of the models` range – the sports bike Aprilia RSV Mille– served as a prototype for the creation of more sporting modifications, as well as of a serial street fighter. Such glorious Italian motorcycle companies were acquired by in 2000, Aprilia as Moto Guzzi and Laverda . Mopeds are manufactured by the company and scooters, road motorcycles, dual sport motorcycles, as well as sport appliances, mainly motorcycles for the highway-ring races . Now the company Aprilia produces about 300 thousand two-wheel cars a year. The second place is takn by the company Aprilia in Europe after the concern Pyadzhio by the total production of motorcycles .

The Aprilia success Story

World Championship Motorcycle Racing is entered by after the debut in the Motocross sport in 1975, Aprilia to challenge the unbeatable Japanese in the extremely competitive 250 class . Consecration arrives in 2000: participating for the first time in Superbike with an official team. Consecration Aprilia astonishes: Troy Corser takes five victories and four Superpoles. Consecration just missing the title.

In the World Motorcycle Racing Championship the triumphs continue: Roberto Locatelli is World Champion in the 125 class for the fifteenth world title in Aprilia history. a revolution is just around the corner and in 2009 Aprilia's most ambitious project yet begins. Simultaneously with the launch of the RSV4 on the market, a revolutionary supersport bike. It characterised by an extremely advanced 1000 cc, 4 cylinder 60° V engine, Aprilia Racing plans its return to the World Superbike championship.

The rider Aprilia chooses for the project is Max Biaggi whose return to Noale comes twelve years after his last title in the 250 class. The rider Aprilia with Shinja Nakano riding alongside him. Continuous growth is shown by the first year for the bike . the first victory comes on the track at Brno. Eight more podiums are added to. victory to confirm the quality of the project and the skills of the rider. 3 world titles arrive from MotoGP: the 125 rider title with Spaniard Julian Simon Simon and the manufacturer title both in 125 and 250. In 2009 the first results for the two cylinder RXV 4.5 also arrive, A bike Aprilia uses in the good raids of the Rally world: in the Pharaoh's Rally Paolo Ceci takes the victory in the 450 class.

Aprilia ends with a solid fourth place. 2009 the first results racing against bikes with much bigger engines. It is the prologue for the Aprilia RXV 4.5's introduction to the Dakar 2010. An incredible third place is takn by gruelling of the off road races, Aprilia RXV with Chilean Francisco Lopez ( winner of three rounds ) . gruelling the off road races Aprilia RXV dominates in the 450 SP class with Paolo Ceci.

The 2011 Supermoto S1 World Championship was won by aprilia Racing . Manufacturer titles arrived in the last race: local star Adrien Chareyre, from Fast Wheels Team, on Aprilia 4.5. The world titles were won by aprilia 4 . 5 at stake in the decisive French GP . After the American round at Laguna Seca the advantage Sykes (Kawasaki) had built up over Guintoli was 44 points. The American round a huge gap with just three rounds left in the season. its riders were on the comeback trail.

The RSV4 riders proving to be unbeatable. The races winning three times were dominated by magny-Cours Aprilia with Melandri ( and Guintoli second each time ) and once with Guintoli ( and Melandri second ) . These were extremely considerable points These allowed Aprilia to catch up. These overtake Kawasaki in the Manufacturer World Championship. Guintoli to turn up at the Qatar round trailing Sykes by just 12 points. The track debut was seen by the championship season of the Aprilia RS-GP .

The championship season the first MotoGP bike designed. The championship season the first MotoGP bike built entirely by the Italian Racing Department. The championship season beginning with the exclusive "narrow" V4 engine The championship season has by now become Aprilia's calling card. Riders, Alvaro Bautista Stefan Bradl were confirmed . Consistent progress was demonstrated by stefan Bradl with a total of 26 finishes in the points for the 18 races on the MotoGP calendar, results that . The Aprilia team would be takn by results that to seventh place at the end of the season .

What are the best motorcyles Aprilia ever made?

When you think of Aprilia motorcycles, easy to. It’s easy to conjure up images of small capacity sports bikes or exotic European mopeds –. while they excel at manufacturing those two things, Aprilia have so much more to offer. agile 49cc racing machines right up to liter-class super bikes, Aprilia have got a motorcycle that suits you, ones are their greatest, most innovative, models?

10. The Aprilia Pegaso 600

At the beginning of the 1990s, Ivano Beggio decided to take Aprilia into new territory by dreaming up an enduro-themed road bike with a mid-sized engine. Despite the fact that Aprilia had effectively evolved as an off road motorcycle manufacture. The fact Beggio envisioned his new Pegaso as an Aprilia dirt bike in appearance only. The fact with the streets being the ideal playground for Aprilia’s “winged horse.” The first Pegaso appeared in 1990.

The first Pegaso came equipped with a powerful 600cc single-cylinder Rotax engine The first Pegaso produced a fairly average 36 lb-ft of torque, a impressive 46 horsepower. It was made a viable contender against the likes of other middleweight . The first Pegaso enduro themed road bikes like the Suzuki DR650, Kawasaki’s KLX650, or the Honda NX650 Dominator. Considering that this was Aprilia’s first foray into the segment, the Pegaso 600.

The Pegaso 600 was an absolute success in its own way. While it didn’t enjoy global sales success, It was a very famous machine in its home country, and thanks to those Italian sales, the Pegaso. The Pegaso managed to keep its name in the company line-up for the better part of two decades. Every now was changed by the formula and again .

The formula with the engine moving to a bigger 650 displacement like the BMW F650. The bike is moved by the formula to help into more mainstream territory . Though the Pegaso might be too odd for many riders to consider. The Pegaso we think it’s one of the greatest Aprilia bikes because it helped move the company in the right direction. An important stepping stone was become by the Pegaso between then and now .

#09. The Aprilia Moto 6.5

If you thought the Pegaso was weird, this one. Then this one should blow your minds. The Aprilia Moto 6.5 is just plain strange. 6.5 there’s no getting over it. Designed by acclaimed French industrial designer Philippe Starck, the Moto 6.5 has made a name for itself as a motorcycling design icon – whether as a good icon. a bad is up to individual tastes. Either way let’s just say that Starck didn’t go on to design any more motorcycles. it’s those controversial looks really make us love this Aprilia.

How many motorcycles have you seen recently. many motorcycles have really broken the mold. The rules were challenged by that in recent years ? This might not be one of the most appealing Aprilia products ever made. it certainly has a daring aesthetic This makes it instantly recognizable – and that’s a rare thing. The Aprilia Moto 6.5’s mechanics weren’t nearly as interesting as its bold exterior design. At its heart,

the Moto 6.5 was powered by a fairly uninspiring liquid-cooled, 649cc, single engine. Single engine could produce around 43 horsepower and 38 lb-ft of torque. However, It came with decent Marzocchi suspension, Beautifully spoked wheels, a few other cool quirks that.. a few other cool quirks that made it a dream to ride around town…but not much further. The design rules so much are challenged by since it . is it a realistic classic,. is it just an oddball? That’s for you to decide.

#08. The Aprilia TX311

The Aprilia TX311 was a formidable trials motorcycle when it first arrived on the scene back in 1985. Coming in two sizes, an accessible 125 that. It was made legal for young riders in Italy, and a more aggressive 276 . 6cc version for seasoned riders . The TX311 was powered by a very nice 276.6cc single cylinder, two-stroke engine. A modest 17 horsepower could be produced by two-stroke engine at 6, 400 rpm and reach speeds in excess of 75 mph . As a fully street-legal machine, the TX311. Lightweight was offered by the TX311 . nimble handling for navigating crowded city streets.

#07. The Aprilia Mana 850

Now the Aprilia Mana 850 is a seriously impressive motorcycle when you think about it. For a start, it’s one of the few automatic transmission motorcycles out there,. if you don’t know what. means then check out our article on automatic motorcycles A start aren’t scooters for more information. Essentially, it’s a full-on motorcycle that features a continuously variable transmission, Which takes into consideration easy clutch-less shifting,. no shifting at all. Not only is it one of the most innovative Aprilia motorcycles ever made, it’s one of the more innovative motorcycling ideas in general to have made it to full production. While the world hasn’t fully embraced the practicality of automatic motorcycles yet – though the new Africa Twin comes with a CVT option – the Aprilia Mana 850 was most certainly ahead of its time.

#06. The Aprilia RS125

The Aprilia RS125 is easily one the most successful Aprilia motorcycles of all time, that’s mainly due to its incredible handling, superb acceleration, sexy good looks, and fierce nature. The RS125 really is the full package…or as much as a “full package” that you can get in 125cc form. There’s a good reason why this is the object of obsession for many teenagers. a good reason this budding track racers: the RS125 has won so many professional competitions that there really aren’t any other 125 options worth considering…save for perhaps the Cagiva Mito, they’re not as widely available as the RS125,. generally come with a higher price tag. The Aprilia RS125, darling of the Aprilia Racing empire.

#05. The Aprilia RSV1000 Mille

We already know that Aprilia produce some of the best small-capacity sports bikes,. Aprilia have anything for you to graduate to…that is, Until they unveiled the RSV1000 Mille. Serious was gotten by at the end of the 90s, Big sports bikes . while many manufacturers persevered with four-cylinder 750s. The end the Italians went in another direction. The end building 1000cc v-twins for their superbike entries. Aprilia’s biggest motorcycle ever was become by the RSV1000 Mille . The RSV1000 Mille boasting an Aprilia designed, 998cc v-twin Rotax engine. An impressive 110 horsepower could be produced by 998cc v-twin Rotax engine . The RSV1000 Mille 68 lb-ft of torque. The RSV1000 Mille 68 lb-ft torque accelerate to a height speed of 169 mph. Not only was it one hell of a motorcycle

#04. The Aprilia RS250

The 125’s incredible handling was enjoyed by to satisfy those who . A little more oompf was wanted by to . The RS250 : a small, weightless racer was released by to Aprilia . Lightweight racer was styled to mimic the Aprilia RSW250 Grand Prix racer as closely as possible. For all those who wanted to ride something as close to the kind of technology that heroes like Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Valentino Rossi.. Valentino Rossi were riding. All those the Aprilia RS250 was as good as it gets. if you thought that the RS250 was a bigger version of the RS125. It prepare to be surprised, because they’re very distinct machines.

#03. The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100

The Aprilia Tuono has been around in one guise or another ever since 2002. while we appreciate the original Mille powered limited edition models from the first year. The v-twin Tuono Fighter was loved by the Aprilia Tuono and Tuono 1000R . It’s far from being average, in every sense of the word,. it certainly is charismatic: the latest Tuono V4 1100 is easily one of the greatest Aprilia bikes ever made,. it really isn’t hard to see why. Borrowing technology from the highly appealing and widely acclaimed RSV4 super bike, the latest Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS. High performance specification is takn by the latest Aprilia Tuono V4 R APRC ABS .

#02. The Aprilia Dorsoduro

The Aprilia Dorsoduro is one of the stranger Aprilias out there. that’s why we really like it. Some motorcycles don’t have to be one thing at the expense of another. the Dorsoduro might not be what you expect, that’s not necessarily a negative. You see, It’s not going to put you on the top step of the podium at the race track,. it’s not going to wheelie with ease when you’re showing off to your friends,. it is incredibly easy to ride – and. A very long way is gone . The new brand of Dorsoduro is powered by a new 896cc V-twin engine that you might recognize from the Shiver.

#01. The Aprilia RSV4

in first place we have the obvious choice: the stunning Aprilia RSV4. As if you couldn’t have guessed? The Aprilia RSV4 is easily one of the greatest motorcycles ever made, it most certainly one of the greatest Aprilia motorcycles ever made. It’s as simple as that. The Aprilia RSV4 first appeared on the scene in 2009. quickly caught everyone’s attention thanks to the fact that it was Aprilia’s first ever production four-cylinder sports bike. A range topping 201 horsepower can be produced by the latest version of the legendary RSV4 . An impressive 85 lb-ft is delivered by the latest version the legendary RSV4 of torque .

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Aprilia Motor Company

Today, Aprilia is mostly known for making ridiculously fast superbikes. that's not what the company set out to do in the early days. Aprilia is a motorcycle brand Aprilia is known for making motorcycles par excellence. The evolution of the company amongst all hardships is a lesson for all. The evolution the company all hardships is a gentle reminder of how resilience. adaptability can lead to the revival of a company. The systematic evolution of the company is so sophisticated that Aprilia today does not resemble the manufacturer it began production as. The interesting history of the bike builder is full of up and downs.

Is Aprilia owned by Piaggio?

Not many owners of Aprilia are aware that the company is a subsidiary of Piaggio. The motorcycle company the financial breathing space it is given requires . Now Aprilia can accomplish innovations. The stream is continued by aprilia of improvements synonymous to their name .


Type Subsidiary
Industry Motorcycle
Founded 1945; 76 years ago (1945)
Area served
Key people
Rocco Sabelli, CEO
Products Motorcycles & Scooters
Parent Piaggio & Co. SpA
Website aprilia.com

Racing History Aprilia Motorcycles

Aprilia Won Its First Race In 1988

Years of racing gave Aprilia the experience they were trying to find. Winning races were started by gradually the motorbike . The 125 class was entered by the brand during a race in the French Grand Prix . The brand earning its first podium in 1988. After the win, the company. The company never looked back. Like other height brands in the world, Aprilia made the famous SR150 Other height brands became a special model designed explicitly for the huge market in India.

The price tag of the model was considerably lower. it was backed by the excellent build and the stylish design of the model. Although the Aprilia was a major hit. The Aprilia the company realized that they could do much better. This is why the engineers went back to the drawing board to construct a state of the art design feature. This renaming it RS250V. The sensational motorbike created an explosion of enthusiasm amongst audiences The sensational motorbike is unmatched in history.

The sensation was being enjoyed by while the world of driving the Aprilia bikes . The world the US was still unchartered territory for the company. The breakthrough finally came in 1988. The breakthrough when the US began importing the brand. The different varieties of bikes later became a hit on US shores. Since its formation, Aprilia knew that slow. steady was the name of the game. The conventions were broken by after much thought, Aprilia of the time .

The urban mobility market was entered by much thought Aprilia . Amico a plastic scooter was launched by the company . An instant hit was become by the company with the urban masses . Aprilia joined the World Superbike Championship in 1999 with the creation of a special version of the RSV Mille. They finished third in the riders championship race in 2000, They also finished third in manufacturers' points in the equivalent race. Aprilia retired from the series after the completion of the season.

The company is renowned for choosing a distinct engine combination for big races. When other teams preferred using V-4 configurations. Other teams Aprilia progressed with a V-twin 500cc. Advantage was takn by the company of the lighter weights with the help of the RS Cube MotoGP bike . A debut was made by aprilia in the SuperMoto world championship during the race of 2004 . Many titles has been won by since its step in the SuperMoto world, The company in both the S1 and S2 categories . The S2 class was won by jerome Giraudo in 2011 . The S1 was won by jerome Giraudo while Adrien Chareyere in 2011 .

Aprilia Riders championships

Year Class Champion Motorcycle
1992 125cc Alessandro Gramigni Aprilia RS125R
1994 125cc Kazuto Sakata Aprilia RS125R
250cc Max Biaggi Aprilia RSW 250
1995 250cc Max Biaggi Aprilia RSW 250
1996 250cc Max Biaggi Aprilia RSW 250
1997 125cc Valentino Rossi Aprilia RS125R
1998 125cc Kazuto Sakata Aprilia RS125R
250cc Loris Capirossi Aprilia RSW 250
1999 250cc Valentino Rossi Aprilia RSW 250
2000 125cc Roberto Locatelli Aprilia RS125R
2002 125cc Arnaud Vincent Aprilia RS125R
250cc Marco Melandri Aprilia RSW 250
2003 250cc Manuel Poggiali Aprilia RSW 250
2006 125cc Alvaro Bautista Aprilia RS125R
250cc Jorge Lorenzo Aprilia RSW 250
2007 125cc Gabor Talmacsi Aprilia RSA 125
250cc Jorge Lorenzo Aprilia RSW 250
2009 125cc Julian Simon Aprilia RSA 125
2011 125cc Nicolas Terol Aprilia RSA 125

Aprilia Superbike World Championships

Year Champion Motorcycle
2010  Max Biaggi Aprilia RSV4 1000
2012  Max Biaggi Aprilia RSV4 Factory
2014  Sylvain Guintoli Aprilia RSV4 Factory

Aprilia SuperMoto World Championship

Aprilia debuted in the FIM Supermoto World Championship in 2004. Many titles has been won by since then it in both S1 and S2 classes .

Year Class Champion Motorcycle
2004 S2  Jerome Giraudo Aprilia SXV 450
2006 S2  Thierry Van Den Bosch Aprilia SXV 450
2011 S1  Adrien Chareyre Aprilia MXV-S 450
  • Aprilia RS-GP
  • RSV4 Factory
  • RSV4 X
  • RSV4 RR
  • RSV4 R
  • Tuono V4 R
  • Tuono 660
  • Tuono 150
  • Caponord 1200
  • Dorsoduro 1200
  • Dorsoduro 900
  • Dorsoduro 750
  • Shiver 900
  • Shiver 750
  • Mana 850 GT
  • RS4 125
  • RS4 50
  • RS 660
  • RS 250
  • RS 125
  • RS 50
  • SRV 850
  • ETX 150
  • STX 150
  • SXV 4.5 – 5.5
  • RXV 4.5 – 5.5
  • MXV 4.5
  • SX 50
  • RX 50
  • SX 125
  • RX 125
  • RX 250
  • SR160 Race
  • SR160 Carbon Limited
  • SXR160 2021
  • SR Max 300
  • Storm 125
  • SR 150 Race
  • SR 150
  • SR 125
  • Area 51
  • SR Motard 125
  • SR Motard 50
  • SR 50 R
  • SR 50 Street
  • Scarabeo 50 2T
  • Scarabeo 50 4T4V
  • Scarabeo 100 4T
  • Scarabeo 125 ie
  • Scarabeo 200 ie

Aprilia Motorcycles
Standard / Naked
  • Mana 850
  • SL 750 Shiver
  • Tuono
  • RST1000 Futura
  • RS50
  • RS125
  • RS250
  • RS4 125
  • SL1000 Falco
  • RSV Mille
  • RSV 1000 R
  • RSV4
  • SX 50
  • SXV 4.5
  • SXV 5.5
  • Dorsoduro
Dual-sport / Off-road
  • RX 50
  • RXV 4.5
  • RXV 5.5
Other motorcycles
  • Mojito
  • SR50
Racing motorcycles
  • RS125R
  • RSV 250
  • RSW-2 500
  • RS Cube
  • RSV4 R
  • RS-GP
  • Galluzzi
  • Starck
Racing riders
  • Tommi Ahvala
  • Alvaro Bautista
  • Max Biaggi
  • Loris Capirossi
  • Adrien Chareyre
  • Jerome Giraudo
  • Alessandro Gramigni
  • Roberto Locatelli
  • Jorge Lorenzo
  • Marco Melandri
  • Manuel Poggiali
  • Valentino Rossi
  • Kazuto Sakata
  • Julian Simon
  • Gabor Talmacsi
  • Nicolas Terol
  • Thierry Van Den Bosch
  • Arnaud Vincent
  • Ivano Beggio

Major and notable Italian motorcycle marques
  • Aprilia
  • Benelli
  • Beta
  • Bimota
  • Borile
  • Cagiva
  • Di Blasi Industriale
  • Ducati
  • Energica
  • Fantic
  • Ghezzi & Brian
  • Gilera
  • Garelli
  • Innocenti
  • Italjet
  • KRC Motors
  • Lamborghini
  • Lambretta
  • Magni
  • Minarelli
  • Mondial
  • Motobi
  • Moto Guzzi
  • Moto Morini
  • MV Agusta
  • Paton
  • Piaggio
  • Polini
  • SWM
  • Terra Modena
  • Vespa
  • Vyrus
  • Abra (1923–1927)
  • Accossato
  • Aermacchi
  • Aeromere/Capriolo
  • Aetos
  • Agrati (1958–1965)
  • AIM (1974–1982)
  • Alano (1923–1925)
  • Alato (1923–1925)
  • Aldbert (1953–1959)
  • Atala
  • Autozodiaco
  • Bianchi
  • Caproni
  • Ceccato (1947–1962)
  • Cimatti (1937–1984)
  • CNA (1920–1934)
  • Della Ferrera (1909–1948)
  • Frera (1905–1936)
  • Fusi (1932–1957)
  • Galbusera (1934–1955)
  • Iso Rivolta (1953–1974)
  • Laverda (1949–2006)
  • Malaguti
  • Malanca (1956–1986)
  • MAS (1920–1956)
  • Maserati (motorcycle)
  • Morbidelli
  • Moretti (1925–1989)
  • Parilla
  • Rumi
  • Santamaria

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    A small bicycle factory was begun by in need of money after World War II, Alberto Beggio in Noale . Need calling it Aprilia. There was success,. it wouldn’t be until 1968 when the brand would really start to build. This is when his son Ivano took over the company. One was followed by this of his dreams . The motorcycle market is entered by ivano’s dream – . Forty-two years later, Aprilia is one of the world’s most famous motorcycle companies. Forty-two years stemming from Noale. Forty-two years the quaint province of Venice – mention the name Noale to anyone in Italy. they’ll automatically think of Aprilia. The company’s first motorbike was a gold and blue 50cc model, then the Colibri and Daniela mopeds. it would be the release of the 50cc Scarabeo motocrosser in 1970 that established Aprilia’s reputation. Beggio had an ardent passion for competition. Beggio dreamed of competing on a national level. Beggio concentrating on motocross bikes in particular. The RC 125, the first competitive machine was introduced by in 1974, Aprilia . The first competitive machine was entrusted to Maurizio Sgarzani. It was ridden in the cadet class . Motocross racing bikes were released by the following year, Aprilia . The following year hoping for success. The titles would arrive in 1977 in the 125 and 250 classes of the Italian Motocross Championship. In 1978, the greatest result. The greatest result ever achieved by an Italian rider occurred when Alborghetti rode an Aprilia to two third-place finishes and sixth in the championship. Now people were paying attention. overseas markets were becoming more interested in what Aprilia had to offer. In the early 1980s, the motorcycle market. As the motorcycle market was at a low point. New bikes, such were being developed by the early 1980s Aprilia as the 1981 TS320 Trials Bike and the 1983 ST 125 road bike . Outsourcing engines were begun by in 1985, Aprilia to Rotax .


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